Powder Processing Solutions

Powder Processing Solutions solves powder processing problems

When Duracell struggled to boost their battery-making capabilities…

When a fabrication plant in China desperately needed a low-cost answer to a big-ticket problem…

They called the man with the answers: Jim Davis of Powder Processing Solutions (PPS).

Jim brings 15 years of engineering skills as Procter & Gamble’s powder processing expert to solve your company’s powder problems in


powder bin flow,

mixing consistency,

grinding efficiency,

and plant segregation.

As president of PPS, Jim provides personal, professional, and prompt support to meet the following needs:

  • System Review and Optimization – PPS reviews your systems and recommends improvements to powder handling components and variability in powder processes.
  • Problem-Solving of Existing Issues – PPS investigates current powder processing problems and provides state-of-the-art, yet economical, solutions.
  • Startup of New Systems – Studies show that new powder systems rarely achieve their projected design capacity, resulting in 42 days of downtime in the first year alone. PPS helps you eliminate that downtime.
  • Low-Cost Design and Fabrication – As the Powder Processing Low-Cost Solutions expert in Global Engineering at P&G, Jim saved the company thousands of dollars through his innovative ideas.
  • Training – Jim presented and developed numerous training sessions in powder processing systems.
  • Testing of Powder Materials – PPS offers complete testing, analysis, and particle characterization of powder materials.

Whatever your need, Jim Davis of Powder Processing Solutions has your answer.

If you would like further information, please click here to contact PPS.


Jim Davis, President of Powder Processing Solutions Jim Davis, president of PPS, is a powder processing expert with more than 25 years of experience helping companies reach their manufacturing goals.